Presdo Match
Customer Success Guide

After Launching: Marketing Tips

Place the download URL for the app on the attendee Badge

The back of attendee Badges is the perfect place to encourage your attendees to download the app. Use your “Event URL” (found in the "Launch" section of the Admin Interface) or create a QR code containing the URL to direct People to the download page for your event.

Tip: If you would like to create a QR code for your event, there are several, third-party websites that make it easy to generate QR codes, such as and

Here is sample content to use as a reference:

Here is a sample of the main login screen in the app. This is where users can enter their password or get their password to login to the mobile apps:

Social Invites marketing

Event organizers have substantially increased registrations when they promote Social Invites. Continue to increase event attendance by marketing the ability for attendees, Sponsors and exhibitors to send Social Invites through the “Invite Contacts” section of the participant interface:

Follow-up by asking Company Contacts to review and update their profiles

Send communications encouraging exhibitors and Sponsors to review and update their Company profiles (before launching the app to attendees). Promote the use of all fields in the Company profile, including entering keywords that describe Company products and services and media attachments.

Each Company profile contains a “contacts” section for representatives or booth staff for this Company at the event. Booth staff is usually not completely included in the initial import of Company Contacts. Encourage your primary Company Contacts to add all People from their Company who will be involved with the event, including booth staff. Anyone who is designated as a Company Contact can edit the Company profile, which is useful when several People are needed to complete the Company profile. As a Company Contact, their user profile also lists the Company or Companies they are associated with.

Enlist champions to lead the way

Encourage your event staff to set up their own profiles on the app and reach out to others by “liking” profiles and by sending meaningful messages to event participants. Leading by example is the best way to get engagement going.

Start your communications campaign with Announcements

Presdo Match has a powerful feature called “Announcements” for administrators to communicate with event participants. You can send announcements instantly or schedule future announcements.

While the feature is a great way to publicize news about your event, it is also a great way to publicize and remind participants about the app.

To access the announcement feature, navigate to the Tools section of the Admin Interface:

The announcement allows administrators to send messages to everyone or subgroups of participants such as Speakers, exhibitors or Sponsors:

Consider organizing a weekly campaign

Every week, ask your participants to go into the app to do something simple. There are a wide variety of ideas. Here are some to get you started:

  1. Mark sessions on the Agenda that they would like to attend. If promoted effectively, the Agenda content has proven to be one of the most widely-used parts of the app.
  2. See who else will be attending your event.
  3. Set up their profile and interests so they can get recommendations of who to meet (if they haven’t already).
  4. Use the Social Invites feature to send invites to at least 5 People who might be interested to join them at the event (you can even gamify it by providing an incentive).
  5. Review profiles and click “Like” on three profiles of other attendees they'd like to meet. Also, if there are Company profiles, review Companies and click “Like” on three Companies they’d like to visit.
  6. Send messages or meeting requests to at least 3 registered attendees. Messaging other attendees and requesting meetings with other attendees through the Web or Mobile apps is always limited to registered attendees.
  7. Ask the speakers of the sessions some questions in the “Comments” area of the session detail screens.
  8. For exhibitors and Sponsors, connect with attendees and schedule time on the show floor.
  9. Easy step-by-step instructions on "keeping the connection" with fellow users after the event by connecting on LinkedIn and Twitter.
  10. Finally, if you are publishing interesting event-related content and information you can share with your participants, this will certainly get their interest.

The key is to get them to do something that's simple successfully on a regular basis so that they build confidence and become familiarized with it enough that they begin to use it on their own.

As initial participants interact with the app, other participants will virally join because of the initial interactions, and it goes from there. As an organizer, your regular feeding of suggestions, content and information will definitely help, so keep things going.

Publicize through social media

Further promote your event and the event app through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn channels.

Mention it in webinars for event participants

Whether you’re organizing webinars for attendees or exhibitors, include Presdo Match as a topic so that they become aware of the app and understand the benefits it will bring to them by using it.

Promote networking at the event venue

Presdo Match is about accessing event content and connecting People face-to-face. On the networking aim, consider setting-up specific “meeting point” signs at locations where People can go to find others. Networking lounges or well-defined locations such as bars or meeting tables can also serve as great meeting points.

Label them “Presdo Match Meeting Points.” Ask us for a logo and we'll send you one! (You will be able to set-up Presdo Match to automatically recommend these meeting locations. Note: For Sponsors and exhibitors, their booth locations as listed on their Company profiles are conveniently the default meeting locations whenever they set up meetings).