Presdo Match
Customer Success Guide

Before Launching: Additional Setup For Branded Apps

PREMIUM This chapter only applies for premium apps because of the extra preparation involved with branded apps. Otherwise, continue with the next chapter.

Setup for mobile apps

Even though the mobile apps will become available near the end, they need the most amount of coordination, so it’s best to start early.

Decide on a launch date for the native apps

The online and mobile apps do not need to be launched simultaneously. In fact, most organizers launch the online experience followed by the mobile apps closer to the event. Once you have selected a launch date, communicate this date to Presdo so we can assist you with getting started.

Prepare and send us the mobile assets for the event

There is an important deadline at least 15 business days (three weeks) before your launch date.
There are a few details that we need to get your apps up and running:

  • App Name
  • App Description
  • App Access

We also need a few images to add that custom look and feel to your event’s app:

  • Icon
  • Logo
  • Wallpaper

Descriptions of each required asset and further information can be found in our Mobile Assets Form. Upload your assets so that we may begin preparing your apps.

Review what your mobile assets will look like in the native apps

Below is a sample custom app icon and app name for the Match Expo app on the home screens for iOS and Android:

You can have a custom wallpaper that serves as a launch image and wallpaper for your app for your app:

You can also include Interactive Maps and floorplans for your event. Interactive Maps allow you to define areas that users can touch to bring up Sponsors or exhibitors.