Presdo Match
Customer Success Guide

Before Launching: Marketing Tips

Promote Presdo Match to your audience

The most important, proven factor leading to your success will be how well you promote the app to your audience. Most of them will be new to this service, and no surprise, People need time to learn new things. Make sure they know about that the app exists.

Promote the app before and during your event, and even afterwards, as an effective way for attendees, exhibitors and Sponsors to connect. Like anything new, it helps to promote it in multiple places and multiple times. It is a new and exciting experience for your participants.

Market Presdo Match on your event website

Provide an area to feature the download of the mobile event apps.

Use the "Your event URL" link which is located in the Launch section of the Admin Interface. Users accessing this link from their mobile devices will automatically be directed to the right app.

PREMIUM In addition, direct download links will be provided by Presdo upon the apps being successfully submitted and available in the app stores.

You can also embed the Web experience of Presdo Match directly into your event website and use your own header and footer using a "MatchBox", which is done with an iframe. To get started, review the MatchBox developer instructions.

Helpful tips

You may want to link additional information about Presdo Match to your event website to motivate participants to engage.

The following URL contains information for attendees, Sponsors and exhibitors:

Promote Presdo Match in the registration confirmation

Include information about Presdo Match on the confirmation page and confirmation email that attendees, Sponsors and exhibitors receive right after registration. Let them know they will soon get access to the networking application. Start building awareness about the event app and share enticing details about what they will be able to do.

Send a pre-announcement

Tell attendees before the app is available. Consider pre-announcing the app to your audience before it officially launches, especially if this will be the first time you are using an app at your event.

Include it as part of your communication campaign and tell them that they will receive a separate message welcoming them to the app. Share some enticing details about what they will be able to do. They are more likely to engage if they learn that Presdo Match is the official event app for your event.