Presdo Match
Customer Success Guide

Before Launching: Setting Up Your Event

Creating your app with Presdo Match

With Presdo Match, it is easy to get your event up and running quickly. Once you login to Presdo Match as an event organizer, you have the opportunity to create a new event or import an existing event from Eventbrite:

Tip: New organizers can sign up for free on the signup page.

Choose Presdo Match administrators

You can have more than one administrator to work together on setting up Presdo Match. In the Tools tab of the Admin Interface, you can add additional administrators. Presdo Match will send an email to each administrator for accessing the Admin Interface.

Import event content

With the Admin Interface, it is easy to enter the content for your event.

It is important to enter the relevant dates and times for your event in the General tab, including the correct event time zone. Each day of the event must be listed.

Populate the Agenda

You can enter the Agenda manually or in bulk with the CSV importer. Chances are, you might have your Agenda in another system and it might be better to import the content.

To enter an Agenda session manually, click "Create a session" and fill in the appropriate fields. Continue with the next session.

Using a CSV file to import the Agenda

Before importing, it is important to make sure the times are in the 24-hour format for the sessions. Each row in the CSV file should represent one session.

We have provided a sample CSV file, available for download in the Agenda section. There is an Import Help page available for your reference.

Speakers that you include in Agenda files will be automatically included in the People directory with a "Speaker" badge. You do not need to add speakers explicitly in the People tab before using them in the CSV file.

If you have multiple Speakers for your session, you can add them to the end of the session row with additional columns:

Once the Agenda is imported, you can get a web preview of the Agenda and see the time, location, title and description of each session:

When you click on a session, you can see more information about that session, such as the Speakers and the list of Attendees:

You can edit the session after it has been imported. You can even select a new Track for the session or add additional speakers:

Add surveys and polls to your Agenda sessions

You can edit any Agenda session and add a link to a survey or poll in the Media section:

SurveyMonkey and other third-party survey tools make it easy to create polls and surveys and link them into Presdo Match.

Setting up a survey or poll with SurveyMonkey

  1. Sign up free with SurveyMonkey to get started.
  2. Follow the quick steps to setup your survey or poll.
  3. Once your survey or poll is created, view the "Collect Responses" page, select the "Web Link Collector" option and click "Next".
  4. Copy the Web Link and add it to the Agenda session in the Media section.

Displaying Instant Results

By enabling the "Instant Results" setting for your Web Link, you can show survey or poll results instantly for the session audience:

You can find and share a link to your Instant Results by going to "Analyze Results" tab of your survey or poll. Select the "Share All" button near the top of the results page and choose the "Anyone with the link" option.

Learn more about sharing your results instantly on this page.

Select Badges

You have the option of adding Badges for the attendees and Companies. Defaults have been created if you want to use them. For example, many organizers choose to have a “Speaker” or a “Sponsor” Badge.

You can add in your own Badge names too:

Import People and Companies

For the People and Companies sections, Presdo Match allows you to easily import from Eventbrite or from CSV files that can be saved directly from registration systems as well as spreadsheet applications.

Importing People from Eventbrite

If you originally imported your event from Eventbrite, you can update your attendees directly from Eventbrite. As new attendees register, you can continue to update your attendees into the app:

Presdo Match requires each person to be registered with their own unique email address. In Eventbrite, we recommend adjusting your event's Order Form so each attendee will have their own name and email recognized by the Presdo Match system. Select the "Each Attendee" collection type, and make sure that the attendee's first name, last name and email address is required:

Using CSV files to import People and Companies

You can import attendees and Companies from CSV files. We have provided sample CSV files that can be downloaded in the People and Companies section. There is an Import Help page for your reference.

If you will be importing the attendee registration list and have a spreadsheet file but not a CSV file, you need to re-save the file in the CSV format with the UTF-8 Encoding:

When you are importing the People, be sure that each person is identified with a unique email address. Each person will login to the event with their own email address.

You may specify one or more Badges for each person that will be imported:

If you will be importing a list of Companies from a spreadsheet file, you need to re-save the file in the CSV format too:

PREMIUM Syncing from other registration systems

Presdo Match allows you to synchronize directly with registration systems via MatchSync technology. Contact us for more details.

Identify Sponsors

With Presdo Match, you can highlight key Sponsors for your event:

By clicking on the “Edit” button, you can choose to include up to 100 Sponsors and have the option to rank or highlight Sponsors with different Tiers:

Sponsors will also be highlighted in this way on the Web:

Add Maps and floor plans

For the Maps section, you can identify key Maps and floor plans to help your attendees navigate your event:

You can choose to include up to 8 Maps:

Share your event information

In the Info section, you can share important event information with attendees. This is a great place to share images, PDFs, text, and external links. URLs are also supported, so it is easy to link to your main event website, social media, videos, surveys, polls, or any other page that has important information you’d like to highlight:

Select meeting times and locations

Presdo Match allows you to outline meeting information for general attendees and for attendees with select Badge types, such as the event Speakers and Sponsors:

By clicking on the “Edit” button, you can specify available time windows and locations for each type of meeting:

Customize your initial communication with attendees and Companies

The Communication tab controls how Presdo Match communicates with your participants. In this tab, you can invite Attendees to the app by sending Welcome Emails and by enabling Social Invites:

Presdo Match launches by sending customized welcome emails to People that inform them to your event app. Each email contains a personalized link that takes users back to Presdo Match to get started by prompting them to sign in to the event and set up their profiles:

If you have a select list of Company Contacts, such as Sponsors or exhibitors, you can send out a custom Welcome Email to them by editing the Company Contact Welcome Email:

As an Organizer, you can send a Preview Email to all Administrators of the event before the event has launched:

With Social Invites, attendees can share your event with their contacts, whether on a social network or email. You can include a special promotion code to their contacts to encourage additional registrations or provide exclusive privileges:

The Reporting area will tell you how many People were invited and converted into registrants for your event.