Presdo Match
Customer Success Guide

Getting Started

Free and premium apps

Presdo Match is available as a free app or as a premium app. The free version allows your attendees to access your event using the free Presdo Match app in the iOS and Google Play app stores. The premium product offers custom-built, branded native apps along with many additional enhancements. Visit this page to see the differences between the free and premium products.

This guide covers everything you need to set up and launch your event with either version of the product.

There are some key steps to take when launching your event

  1. Decide on the key objectives for the app for your event.
  2. Setting up your event content.
  3. Deciding when is the right time to launch your app on Mobile and the Web.
  4. Implementing marketing activities before and after launching the app.
  5. Maintaining and tracking your app after launching.

Determine when to launch and set up Presdo Match

Presdo Match offers the most value when it is made available before your event starts, not at the start of your event. This timeframe gives your attendees the most opportunity to explore your event's content, start connecting with others, and otherwise get used to the features of the app. There's no problem updating your event content even after the app has become available.


Size of event Launch time before event
Less than 300 People 1-2 weeks
300-1,000 2-3 weeks
1,000-5,000 1-2 months
5,000 or more 2-3 months

PREMIUM It takes additional time to create branded apps, so reserve four weeks.

Your target launch date will also determine when you need to begin setting up Presdo Match. Be sure allocate enough time to set up the app to create a high-quality experience for your participants. The time it will take depends on how many different content sources from which you will be pulling information.

Decide on whether to pre-launch to Companies

If you are using the Company directory for Sponsors and exhibitors and you want them to help prepare the content for their Company profiles, consider making the app available to Companies before launching to the rest of the participants.

Presdo Match supports this pre-launch process. More details are available in the Launch chapter.

Decide how to link Presdo Match to your event website

Linking Presdo Match to your event website creates greater awareness and increases the value you will get from it.

There are a couple ways to do this. First, link Presdo Match to your event site so that your audience can easily access the app. A common approach is to create an "Event App" button that leads to the app for your event. Another way is to embed Presdo Match's Web experience directly into your event website’s which incorporates your website's header and footer. (For details, review the MatchBox developer instructions.) More is covered in the Marketing chapter.

Public/private content tabs

When your event content is imported through the Admin Interface, this content becomes "public" in the app, meaning anyone who downloads the mobile app can view this content without having to sign in as a registered attendee.

While this content is public, some actions always require signing in as a registered attendee. For example, users who are not signed in can never message or request meetings with another attendee or make changes such as "like"ing People or Company profiles or attending or rating Agenda sessions. Attendee email addresses are always hidden from attendees and are only visible to the event organizer.

PREMIUM Premium organizers have the option to selectively make the Agenda sessions, announcements, attendee or Company listings private in custom-built, branded native mobile apps. Users who download these apps must sign in first as a registered attendee before viewing any private content.

Increase your attendance through Social Invites

Social Invites is one of the most effective marketing tools to promote your event. It enables your registrants to invite their own contacts through social networks and email. Social Invites automatically embeds a link to your registration page in the invitation message. Further, you can set up promotions for invitees such as registration discounts or specials to further encourage them to register for your event. Social Invites are enabled by default on the General tab of the Admin Interface, and you can enter promotions there.

PREMIUM Social Plugins

On your event website, use the Presdo Match Attendees Social Plugin to embed a list of all or select event attendees on your website. The plugin enables viewers to search and view individual attendee profiles and to share your website on many social networks.

Note: viewers cannot contact attendees unless they are registered for the event.

A Company Social Plugin is also available for viewers to “Like” individual Companies at your event. Contact Presdo for more information on how to set this up.

PREMIUM Single sign on

To enable single sign on capabilities with another system, contact Presdo for more information.


MatchSync automatically synchronizes external event systems with Presdo Match. If you would like to use MatchSync for your event, just provide us with the necessary contact information for the third-party providers and add a brief description of the information that you would like to sync.

PREMIUM MatchAds™ and MatchLeads™

Increase your event revenue by enabling MatchAds™ and MatchLeads™ for your exhibitors and Sponsors. MatchAds™ are highly visible ads embedded in Presdo Match. MatchLeads™ is a revolutionary lead generation system that assists Companies in finding high quality leads. Contact Presdo for more information.

Determine whether you will offer these digital products to your exhibitors, Sponsors and other Company Contacts, a revenue generating opportunity.

The image below shows what Company Contacts will see when MatchAds™ and MatchLeads™ are enabled. All attendees will see the MatchAds™ on the right side: