Presdo Match
Customer Success Guide

Launching Your Event

Once all content has been added to the Admin Interface and you are ready to Launch the event, visit the Launch section.

Organizers using the free Presdo Match app can preview their event directly in the Presdo Match app or on the web. Follow the directions to get a text message to access the preview of your event content in the Presdo Match app:

PREMIUM Organizers using our Premium app can view their event on the Web. There will be a custom-built, branded native app for their event:

Launch to Companies

You may decide to launch for Companies first. This can give any exhibitors or Sponsors time to set up their Company profile and Company Contact attendee profiles if they are not already complete.

We provide a Company Contact Welcome Email template that you can edit in the Communication section. The email contains a personalized unique URL that links Company Contacts to the Web to get started.

Tip: Schedule the Company launch one or two weeks before attendee launch. We've found that the best days to launch welcome emails are during normal business hours between Tuesday and Thursday.

Launch to attendees

Now is the time to launch to attendees! Attendees receive the Attendee Welcome Email contained in the Communication section. You may revise the content of the welcome email before sending the emails. Once you’re ready to send welcome emails, you can "Launch" your event from the Launch section. Each email will be a personalized email containing a unique URL that provides attendees access to the app. They can sign in to edit their profiles and create a password for the app.

When you send welcome emails from Launch section, all of the participants in Presdo Match, including Sponsors and exhibitors, will receive their welcome emails. If you have not sent Company contact welcome emails by launching to Companies first, these emails will also be sent when Launching.

Automatically send welcome emails to new registrants

After you have imported new People or Companies via CSV file or through your registration system that is connected with MatchSync, new Welcome Emails will be automatically sent to invite those attendees to the event. You can also click on the “Send Additional Welcome Emails” button in the “Tools” section, which will only send the emails to new users.

Presdo Match system sends an automated reminder to all registrants

Five days before the event, an automated email reminds registrants of the app. Each email is personalized and shows the number of unread messages registrants have and suggested People with whom they can connect. The email also links them directly to back to Presdo Match to take advantage of the app.