Presdo Match
Customer Success Guide

Prepare For Launch: Preview Your Event

Presdo Match makes it easy to preview your event content before launching it for participants.

Organizers using the free app can preview event content in the Presdo Match app. Organizers using the Premium product will be able to see event content in the apps once their branded native apps are available.

Have your event content imported from the Admin Interface

PREMIUM To speed up performance, any content that should be public to all users will be bundled in a “seed database” with the apps so that it doesn’t need to be downloaded initially. This public content will be available in the app right away.

Be as complete as possible with the content imported on the web as this content syncs with the mobile apps. You can continue to update the content afterwards, and the apps will refresh.

Previewing on the App

Click "View on app" from the Admin Interface to access this preview.

Here are some sample screenshots of the event content and how they might appear in the iOS and Android apps:

  1. The Agenda Tab

  2. The People Tab

  3. The Sponsors Tab

  4. The Companies Tab

  5. Your Announcements and Your Twitter Feed

Previewing on the Web

Presdo Match also has a full-fledged Web experience. Click "View on web" from the Admin Interface to access this view. You may have to set up your profile as a normal user before seeing your event content.